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  • Central Texas Association for Pupil Transportation (CENTEX) is a organization comprised of more than 100 school districts in central Texas who are associated with two State of Texas Educational Service Centers (ESCs). Region 13 ESC is located in Austin, TX. Region XX ESC is located in San Antonio, TX.

  • CENTEX is an exciting family to be a part of! We hope our site can provide you with the information you are looking for. If you have trouble finding something or have any comments about the website, feel free to contact the webmaster.

  • Austin, San Antonio Area Districts and Nearby.

  • The CENTEX Membership Form can be found: Here.

  • Read this year's President's Letter: Here.

  • TAPT Texas Best 2018 Flyer: Here.
  • SB 693 - School Bus Seat Belt Implementation letter
  • TAPT- http://www.tapt.com/
  • TASBT- http://www.tasbt.org/
  • NAPT- https://www.napt.org/

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